“I loved the mix of receiving such professional standards at your clinic and such a personal touch also of sincere care from my counselor.”

“You guys worked with us being able to afford counseling with your sliding fee scale, I can’t thank you enough!”

“You ROCK! I recommend Counseling Care to my friends at school!”

“At first I thought my counselor was too strong and in my face, then I realized other counselors I have seen never touched the real issues of my abuse by tiptoeing around me. Your support staff really helped me pick the right therapist. THANK YOU.”

“I have been to several counselors for my “issues” not until I saw one of your counselors did I receive direct and insightful information to why I kept hitting a stone wall. The counseling I received gave me the courage and the steps to really change my life.”

“I was afraid to come in and admit that I’ve made some horrible decisions, I am really starting to realize I am not defined as a horrible person anymore, my self talk is changing to loving God and loving myself. My counselor had a great balance of being honest and sensitive so that I could take ownership and assisted me in stopping my self hate.”

“Why did I not see you before, I don’t live with regrets but I would have saved so much of my life, if I would have seen you sooner!”

“My life has changed, I was so close to ending my life. You gave me hope and brought my faith and healthy friends back into my life . I really am a new person!”

“ADD no longer labels me, I never thought I could use ADD to help me succeed in life, Thank you for teaching me not to have ADD control me!”

“The tutoring my daughter received from your educational therapist has not only radically changed her grades, but her outlook on life. She really likes herself.”

“I knew something was wrong with my eight year old.  After numerous  sessions with your child psychologist, and using the play therapy room/toys we found out the reason for his anger. I know the road is not over but understanding the truth and having a plan is setting him free, and for me!”

“Truth in advertising, You really should be more upfront of how incredible you guys really are. I loved my experience from the first phone call I made, to the awesome counseling I received and how professional and helpful your billing staff were.  Now would you start a clinic in Rochester?!!!”