Friends May Need Professional Help If They…


Show signs of serious weight loss in a short period of time. 


Prefer to be alone, constantly isolating themselves from family and friends. 


Display personality changes that persist over time.


Have no desire to engage in activities they once enjoyed.


Become increasingly anxious, angry, or fearful.


Experience chronic insomnia and depression that keeps them from their normal routine.


Complain of constant headaches or painful health issues.


Talk about life not being “worth living” or not wanting to “go on.”


Grief Brings Us To Our Knees


The Bible Assures Us that God comforts us as we mourn and that he will one day wipe away all our tears (Revelation 21:4). When that happens, the reason behind our suffering will be made plain as God reveals his glorious purpose which will completely suffice for all of our earthly suffering. As the Father dries our tears, we’ll recognize his intimate, sweet affection toward each of us. Until then, you can pray for friends caught in the grip of grief. We can help them understand that although God allows grief, it doesn’t give him any pleasure. He permits painful circumstances such as death, disabilities and cancer, knowing they are awful and tragic. But he also sees the bigger picture and uses these things to strengthen our faith, bringing us to our knees in prayer and inspiring us to empathize with others who are hurting.


Sometimes Our Tragedies provide a platform to share our faith stories with one another; other times, words are best kept to a minimum. For example, a young mother who has just buried her child may be barely able to function, let alone begin to grasp God’s greater plan. So what can we say in such circumstances? Perhaps nothing at all. There are times when we are simply called to “weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15). We can comfort with our prayers and our presence.


Joni and Friends

International Disability Center