Step-Family Living



The challenges of step-family living are all around us.

  • By the year 2030 it is predicted there will be more step-families in American than any other type of family. Step-families will exceed single parent households and traditional first marriages. 
  • As evidence of how difficult living in step-families really is, the overall divorce rate in American is between 45-50%. The remarriage divorce rate is reported to be 60%. 
  • When only one partner brings children into the step-family, the divorce rate is 65% and when both partners bring children into the marriage the divorce rate is 70%. Why is this? 
  • These statistics are staggering and unfortunately they are similar both inside and outside the church community. 
  • Step-family living is unique due to the reality of “loss” as a major feature of how the new couple has come together. In addition to the loss of a dream for the parents and children, the challenges to not add to this loss becomes an added pressure. 
  • There are so many distractions that step-families experience that first time marriages do not. Ex-spouses, children that live with you and children that live in another household, stretched finances, schedules and possible ongoing legal battles. 
  • For these reasons and many others there is no question as to how many ways step-families have serious challenges before them. It is believed that with appropriate understanding along with support that many of these hurdles can be managed. Counseling can be very helpful along with a support group of people who have experiences of a similar journey.