It was my first trip out of the house since the birth of our son, and I was ready to rejoin society with my baby . . . or so I thought. The reality of how long I had been shopping hit me when my newborn started screaming. I didn't have a bottle with me, and nursing in public wasn't a comfortable option — I was stuck. I felt overwhelmed, so I abandoned my groceries and headed for the door. Driving home, I began to cry as I chided myself, How could I have let this happen?

Lifting My Husband Through Prayer

LORD, thank You for my husband. I ask Your will for him in these things, according to Your Word.
Happy Family

55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child

The family would not be the same without you, I'm so excited to spend time with you, Your attitude can change any situation, You don't have to be perfect to be amazing, Being kind does not make you weak
TMS Therapy

FAQ’s for NS TMS Therapy

TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is used to treat depression by stimulating the brain non-invasively using electromagnetic fields, similar to those produced by an MRI machine. During TMS Therapy, a magnetic field is administered in very short pulses to the part of the brain that research has demonstrated to be associated with depression. The typical initial course of treatment is about 19-38 minutes daily over 6-9 weeks.

Moms: 4 Ways to get the Big Stuff Right

Every mother worries about failing her kids. We wonder what we will do if our kids turn against us, grow up to hate us or end up disliking their lives. hese are natural worries but unfortunately these fears can drive us crazy. Many of us read parenting books on how to raise happy, well-adjusted children who love God and then when those same kids become teenagers we fizzle.

6 Ways to Grow Closer to Your Spouse When Busy Schedules Pull You Apart

There's just something spectacular about fall. The crispness in the air. The crunch of

Get Busy Living

It is good and healthy to think about death from time to time. It puts things in perspective and reminds us what really matters. The perspective that death is inevitable reminds us to get busy living. The reality of death rearranges our priorities.

The Father God Intended Me To Be

In the chaos of the American lifestyle, it is easy to lose sight of many of the important things that make up being a good father. Spending quality time with your children.

4 Unhealthy Messages We Send To Our Kids And The One They Need To Hear

The first two tendencies are parents who overprotect their kids. The Helicopter Parent sits in the backyard with the child to ensure he never comes face-to-face with the grill of a car at all. The message the child receives is, Since you’re the center of the universe, I’ll make sure you don’t face challenges or get hurt. When you do fall off of your bike though, I don’t believe you’ll be able to handle it on your own, so I’ll be right there to rescue you.
Wedding Ring

10 Statements That Will Change Your Marriage

Negative statements to avoid that will change your marriage.