4 Unhealthy Messages We Send To Our Kids And The One They Need To Hear

The first two tendencies are parents who overprotect their kids. The Helicopter Parent sits in the backyard with the child to ensure he never comes face-to-face with the grill of a car at all. The message the child receives is, Since you’re the center of the universe, I’ll make sure you don’t face challenges or get hurt. When you do fall off of your bike though, I don’t believe you’ll be able to handle it on your own, so I’ll be right there to rescue you.
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10 Statements That Will Change Your Marriage

Negative statements to avoid that will change your marriage.

7 Things I wish I’d Known about Men before I Married

Men can't read your mind. If you “hint” at wanting help, men will not get it. “I wish I was taller so I could reach that canister” sounds like a simple statement. Asking directly works much better, i.e., “Honey, when you have a minute can you reach that canister for me?” Men don't like to be bombarded with new problems as soon as they walk in the door. Providing time to unwind works much better.


If I had one evening I could spend with any person, no one in the world would outrank my wife. We have grown in mutual understanding so that it is rarely necessary to quarrel and argue. Nevertheless, Shirley and I once had a dandy fight and three distinct concepts emerged which may assist you in your marriage.