Reducing Self-Harm

Deliberate self-harm is a complex issue, and can be difficult for those affected to talk about or make sense of. While there are many different reasons and histories for why people who find themselves self-harming, many come to see it as a kind of ‘coping strategy’ or dealing with overwhelming or painful feelings. It is a difficult paradox that deliberately harming yourself is something that you do to try to help yourself with things that feel unmanageable ..


Helping children understand and express their grief can foster emotional resilience and a sense of security during difficult times. Honest and compassionate conversations about loss can guide children through their feelings, helping them navigate their grief with love and support.

Three Breathing Exercises

Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress- related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders." Andrew Weil, M.D. Since breathing is something we can control and regulate, it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear state of mind. I recommend three breathing exercises to...

VA Suicide Prevention Program Fact Sheet

Every Veteran suicide is a tragic outcome and regardless of the numbers or rates one Veteran suicide is too many. We feel the responsibility to continue to spread the word throughout VA that “Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business.” Although we understand why some Veterans may be at increased risk, we continue to investigate and take proactive steps. The ultimate goal is eliminating suicides among Veterans.

Truth About Your Father

I choose to believe the truth that my Father God is full of grace and mercy, and he gives me freedom to fail.

Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

SEXUAL ADDICTION damages marriages and relationships, exposes couples to STD’s, destroys finances, can cause spiritual alienation, problems at work, and depression or low self-esteem.

Unhappy in Your Marriage?

Marriage was created to be a very satisfying experience filled with joy and lasting fulfillment. But sometimes things can go wrong…

Living Into Our Values

When selecting your values, ask yourself the following questions: • Does this define me? • Is this who I am at my best? • Is this a filter that I use to make hard decisions?

Forgive and Forget

In the village of Faken in innermost Friesland there lived a long thin baker named Fouke, a righteous man, with a long thin chin and a long thin nose. Fouke was so upright that he seemed to spray righteousness from this thin lips over everyone who came near him; so the people of Faken preferred to stay away.

Friends May Need Professional Help If They…

Sometimes Our Tragedies provide a platform to share our faith stories with one another; other times, words are best kept to a minimum. For example, a young mother who has just buried her child may be barely able to function, let alone begin to grasp God’s greater plan. So what can we say in such circumstances?