1. Men can’t read your mind. If you “hint” at wanting help, men will not get it. “I wish I was taller so I could reach that canister” sounds like a simple statement. Asking directly works much better, i.e., “Honey, when you have a minute can you reach that canister for me?”

2. Men don’t like to be bombarded with new problems as soon as they walk in the door. Providing time to unwind works much better. Let the worries of your husband’s workday dissipate before you tell him about new ones.

3. Men often feel like they’re failing as a spiritual leader. Ever wonder why your spouse doesn’t take the initiative on spiritual ventures more often? Sometimes it’s easier for him not to try than to see disappointment in your gaze. Instead of hinting at ways he can lead or nagging when another day goes by without quiet time, pray for your husband to step up, and support any effort he makes. 

4. Men are visual. Very visual. Even when we women feel unattractive or overweight, our husbands do like to look at us minus the clothing. They don’t mind nearly as much as we do about the extra rolls around the middle, I promise. Remember this: You are the only naked woman your husband is allowed to look at!

5. Men like someone to listen to their dreams. It doesn’t mean they’re going to go out and quit their jobs tomorrow and set off on a sailboat around the world, but a listening ear matters. Take time to ask, “If you could do anything, what would you do?” Give him space to dream.

6. Men are born with a desire to protect the weak and fight for honor, but those instincts rarely have a chance to exhibit themselves in the real world. We don’t have to hide our faults or be perfect wives. Instead we can turn to our husband for help and advice. We can give our spouse a chance to save the day.

7. A good meal and a warm wife can wash away every other care in the world. I don’t think there’s much more I need to say about that. Try it, I bet your husband will agree!