Unhappy in Your Marriage?

Marriage was created to be a very satisfying experience filled with joy and lasting fulfillment. But sometimes things can go wrong…

  • Maybe you find yourself arguing all the time, even over the small things.
  • Maybe you’ve grown tired of arguing and you must co-exist as if in a cold war.
  • Catastrophic life events such as illness, loss of job, death of a child, or an affair can break down intimacy.
  • Addictions, emotional problems, and financial stressors can all lead to unhappiness in marriage.
  • Parenting disagreements and troubled children can shake the bond.
  • Sometimes people just seem to grow in different directions.

At Counseling Care, we believe in marriage, and we can help you work through very painful and severe marital problems. We will help you fight for your marriage, and learn to rebuild trust, intimacy, and healthy communication.