Are you “Faithfully Serving” your Wife?

1.- Do you make your wife feel good about herself?
2.- Do you value the same things in your wife that you value in yourself?
3.-Do you get excited when you see your wife?
4.- After spending time together, do you feel that your time was well spent?
5.- Can you and your wife tell each other honestly what you really want instead of using manipulation or games?
6.- Can your wife show emotion without you thinking less of her?
7.- Can you accept your wife as she is or do you attempt to change her?
8.- Is your behavior consistent with your words?
9.- Do your actions really show you care for your wife?
10.- Do you feel comfortable with your wife in different settings?
11.- Do you care to introduce your wife to your friends or acquaintances?
12.- Are you able to share with your wife your moments of weakness, failure, disappointment, etc.?
13.- Would your wife say you are a good listener?
14.- Do you trust your wife to solve her own problems?
15.- Do you admit to your wife when you have problems and need her comfort?
16.- Do you believe you could live a full and happy life without your wife?
17.- Do you encourage your wife to develop her full potential as a woman?
18.- Are you able to learn from your wife and value what she says?
19.- If your wife were to die tomorrow, would you have regrets?
20.- Does your wife feel she’s more important than anyone or anything else in your life other than God?
21.- Do you believe you know at least five of your wife’s major needs?
22.- Do you know how to meet your wife’s needs when she’s under stress or when she’s discouraged?
23.- When you offend your wife, do you usually admit you were wrong and ask forgiveness?
24.- Would your wife say you are open to her opinions and suggestions?
25.- Would your wife say you praise her at least once a day?
26.- Would your wife say that you know her strengths and weaknesses?
27.- Would your wife say you usually consider her feelings/ideas whenever making a decision that affects the family or her?
28.- Would your wife say that you enjoy being with her and sharing many of life’s experiences with her?
29.- Would your wife say that you are an example of what she would like a husband to be?
30.- Would your wife say you are interesting to her?